Fable 3


Peter Molyneux Continues to Talk

On Thursday, Peter Molyneux gave a speech at Gamelab 2011.  During his discussion about what inspired him to create games, he spoke about his upcoming Microsoft Kinect game, Fable: The Journey.   Now while this


Fable III Finally Dated for PC

While Fable III has been getting fairly mixed reception since its October 26th release, PC haven't had a chance to form an opinion since its has been an Xbox 360 exclusive since then.  This will change


Fable III Patch Incoming

A new patch is coming for the Xbox 360 exclusive RPG Fable III, which has been getting mixed reception. Information on this patch came by way of the Lionhead development blog and will supposedly address a number


More Free DLC for Fable III

Last week we informed you that you could score some free downloadable content for the much hyped Xbox exclusive RPG, granted you bought the game new. More free content has been released for the game, and this


Buy Fable 3 New, Get Free DLC

In what's become standard in the game industry now, Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead Studios have decided to put free DLC in brand new spanking copies of Fable 3. The DLC won't be extra missions or side


More Than One Fable 3 Screen!

I'm impressed, Lionhead! You seem to be in the unfortunate habit of releasing a single lonely screenshot at a time. I'm glad to see you've broken from that tradition for ComiCon with these Fable 3 screens. If


Here’s the Latest Fable III Screenshot

Lionhead, you tease! You so much enjoy releasing just one screenshot at a time and watch your fans endlessly clamor for more. Don't lie, you do enjoy it, I know you do! Here's the latest screen shot