Fairytale Fights


Fairytale Fights DLC Tomorrow

The bloody 'hack-n slash' game Fairytale Fights will be expanded tomorrow by Playlogic Entertainment's Treasure Pack 1.  The additions look sure to have any hack-n slash fan dying to play this.  On PlayStation Network you


Fairytale Fights White Room Demo Now Available

The bloody, hack-and-slash, fairytale gone wrong that is Fairytale Fights has been out for a while now, but today Playlogic Entertainment announced that the White Room Demo for the game is available now on Xbox Live in


Fairytale Fights Giveaway Winner

Hey everyone, today, I would like to announce the winner of the contest that we were running last week for the copy of Fairytale Fights for the Xbox 360, as well as some cool swag to go


Fairytale Fights Review

Fairy tales are lovely stories that have a happy ending... or so we all thought. They can consist of giants, gnomes, wolves, goblins, enchantments, and many other imaginative creations. What you probably did not know was that


Fairytale Fights Launch Trailer

Playlogic's fairytale-gone-wrong game Fairytale Fights - which will likely ruin all those happy thoughts you had listening to your parents read you fairytales as a child - hit store shelves this week.  To celebrate that fact,


Fairytale Fights Pre-order Deal at Best Buy

Playlogic Entertainment announces the launch of a pre-order program for the Fairytale Fights game. It will be available in Best Buy stores nationwide from September 30th to October 26th.  Using the Unreal Engine 3, you take


FairyTale Fights Gameplay Video

What do you get when you mix one third Little Big Planet, one third Fat Princess, and one third the mind of the fucked up red headed kid from Problem Child movies? Playlogic's FairyTale Fights, that's what.