Review: Orcs Must Die!

I have a certain soft spot for certain games that put having fun in the forefront and can deal with having a straight up "excuse plot". In a nutshell this is what Orcs Must Die! entails. Orcs


Aika Online’s Newest Expansion Goes Live

Gala-Net has announced that the latest expansion, The Last Bastion, for their fantasy MMORPG Aika Online has been released. Introducing new zones, over 100 new quests, new beasts and monsters, new armor and weapons, and an increased


Vindictus Episode 4 Coming this December

Nexon has just announced that in early December Vindictus players will be getting there hands on Episode 4 "King of the Gnolls."  This update will add two new dungeons, Prairie Entrance and the Ruins of Sanctity,