Microsoft Believes in a Halo Film

MS wants the rich world of their bestselling Halo series captured in a movie and are determined to see it happen. Franchise developer Frank O'conner expressed the company's determination to craft a Halo film, despite the various


Resident Evil: Afterlife a Success

Released on Friday, September 10, 2010 in theaters nationwide, Resident Evil: Afterlife debuted at number one for the weekend. The film made a handsome $27.7 million, and makes Paul W.S Anderson's fourth Resident Evil film


The PS3 3D Myth

While some see 3D as a passing fad, I personally believe it is going to add a lot to gaming. That being said, it was not entirely surprising when Sony announced that the PlayStation 3 would be


Another Street Fighter Film Kicking In

We're all pretty much tired of the blasphemous concoction of games-to-movies that Hollywood has thrown at us. Just about every single iteration released has been nothing short of fail, with plots and characters that never tend to


Tekken Movie in 2010

The trailer for the big screen adaptation of Tekken has now gone online. After watching the trailer, it would appear that it is some kind of gladiatorial-esque tournament, with Jin as the protagonist. I didn't recognize any


Activision Files Trademark For CoD Film

Sitting here and just thinking about another game-to-movie adaptation makes me cringe. So far, just about 98.99% of game-to-movie films have sucked beyond belief. The greatest actors in the world couldn't salvage the plots and sequences