Review: Firefall – Rough Landing

It's weird to think that Firefall is actually out after what feels like an eternity of development and closed betas. This massive free-to-play MMO is hoping to set itself apart in the crowded F2P market with large


Firefall European Beta Weekend Giveaway

Have you been waiting for a chance to finally play Firefall? Well, here's your chance! The folks over at Red 5 Studios are inviting new players to join Firefall's upcoming exclusive Beta Weekend for the European Region


Firefall Hosting Beta Weekends

Red 5 Studios is giving thousands of players a chance to try out their upcoming free to play MMO shooter, Firefall, over two Beta Weekends on Nov 30 to Dec 2 and Dec 7 to Dec 9.


Firefall Pausing Beta in SOPA Protest

On January 18 (next Wednesday), Red 5 Studios is shutting down the beta of the upcoming Firefall in protest of SOPA, the internet censorship bill you have to be living under a rock to not have heard