Rovio Acquires Games Division of Futuremark

Rovio has announced today that they have acquired the gaming division of Futuremark, perhaps best known for their latest entry The Unstoppable Gorg. This mirrors the recent move of Zynga picking up OMGPOP and countless other similar


Frontiers Free Weekend

Futuremark and Fatshark are teaming up to bring you the Frontiers Free Weekend. November 4th through November 7th you will be able to play the Third Person Western Shooter Lead and Gold and the space based FPS


Review: Shattered Horizon

As a long-time first person shooter fan I saw great potential in the idea of shooting in space with no gravity in spacious and elegant environments such as abandoned space stations and shattered asteroids. I welcomed the


New Shattered Horizon Competition Launches!

Qualifications begin today for the new Shattered Horizon competition!  After a huge addition to the player base via the brand-new map pack, half-off sale we told readers about last week still running tonight through midnight, and