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Bears are Coming to Kinectimals. Bears.

The Kinect now officially has something that interests me, as Kinectimals will be receiving an update that adds a new island and five furry tractors for you to be friends with. What bears will there be you


Rumor: New Tomb Raider Game Coming Soon?

Some people have been analyzing their butts off, but some crazy information has come out of the next Game Informer. With Joystiq, NeoGaf, and posters from the forums, it looks like the next Tomb Raider


More Free DLC for Fable III

Last week we informed you that you could score some free downloadable content for the much hyped Xbox exclusive RPG, granted you bought the game new. More free content has been released for the game, and this


PlayStation 4 Games Already in the Works?

According to the Australian edition of Game Informer (issue #9 to be exact), Sony has spilled the beans and confessed to already be in the process of making games for their yet to be publicized PlayStation 4.


GameStop Introduces PowerUp Rewards Program

GameStop, the video game retailer everyone loves to hate, is introducing a new rewards program for frequent shoppers, or, really, any shoppers, but the best rewards only come to those who spend their life savings there. I'm