GameFly Bows Out of Digital Distribution

Retailer GameFly will be shutting down its digital distribution, the company announced today.

GameFly will sell the digital storefront to the Taiwanese company AtGames, who are best known for emulator consoles like the Atari Flashback 4


Gamefly Begins Free Streaming Beta

Gamefly subscribers now have the ability to play a handful of games the service offers without waiting for a physical disc in the mail as the company just opened its games streaming program into a public beta.


Gamefly To Offer PC Downloads Beginning In The Fall

Jumping on the streaming bandwagon started by Netflix and other video streaming services, Gamefly has entered its lot into the fray of streaming content that vies for your monthly subscription. This announcement follows Gamefly's acquisition of Direct2Drive,


Assassin’s Creed Revelations Release Date Revealed?

We’ve known since GameInformer’s coverage on the latest Assassin’s Creed game, Revelations, that the title would release sometime in November 2011. Many of you are contempt with that and I understand. However, some new details have made


UPDATE: Dark Souls Release Date Revealed?

UPDATE: Another release date for Dark Souls has appeared. This time the German lists Dark Souls as releasing on October 14, 2011. This is a modest difference from September but is further into late 2011.


Massive GameFly Under $20 Sale

GameFly is having a huge sale with a lot of great games for under $20! This is a great opportunity to catch up on some of those games you've been holding out on, better jump on this


Win a One-Year Subscription to GameFly

GameFly has quite the reputation for them with the no-due-date or late fees deal that they have going on. Their selection of games for every console is quite a plus as well. Well now, there is another


Top 10 Reasons to Hold On to a Game

Hey everybody. Recently DualShockers showed you, the gamer community, that game retailers have been making great deals lately for sellers and buyers in the used games market compared to past scenarios. In these economically challenging times, it


GameFly Trade-ins This Month

In an attempt to reward gamers this month for choosing GameFly the rent-from-home delivery service is offering up to 50% more value for your games when you trade them in.  If some of your games are


Ex USPS Worker Admits To Theft Of GameFly Games

This case gives a new meaning to an item being lost in the mail. It seems that Ex USPS Mail Carrier Reginald, 34, admitted in Federal District Court to stealing 2200 GameFly envelopes. The said offense happened