Gears of War 2


Gears of War 2 Avatar Sale

This week's Xbox Live Deal of the Week should get fans of Gears of War excited. Two pieces of Gears of War 2 gear for your avatar are on sale for this week only.


Gears of War Tattoo

Are you a big fan of Gears of War? Really? Not as big as DMZilla, the Community Coordinator over at Xbox LIVE. He just got himself a brand new tattoo of the lancer from Gears of War,


Review: Gears of War 2: Dark Corners

Everyone is familiar with Gears of War 2 and the fact that they release new maps every so often. Well Dark Corners is the newest installment of DLC that looks to add a different dimension to the


Cliffy B. Talks New I.P. & DLC

Cliffy B. talks about the upcoming All Fronts Collection and Dark Corners DLC and how it looks to bring different aspects to Gears, like a stealth dynamic. He does recognize that stealth could be a dirty word