God of War: Ghost of Sparta


New Release Rundown ~ Week of 10.31.2010

Let's try something different this week for the New Release Rundown - I'm going to spare you all the shovelware and get right to the good stuff. How's that sound? We all know what comes out this


Weekend Wrapup of October 31

A very happy Halloweekend Wrapup to you all! As October ends, we're officially entering the holiday season - which means that a TON of new releases are on their way. Keep an eye out for Chad's New


Review: God of War: Ghost of Sparta

The God of War franchise carries a strong emphasis in just about every single category in gaming. It's brute yet somewhat elegant combat system, it's memorable and archaic soundtrack, a story that trumps Hollywood films and books


Sony NYC Event Recap ~ October 2010

[Thanks to - Anthony Guzzardo for this coverage straight from NYC!]

Sony recently showcased some of their finest upcoming titles at a party thrown at Pranna Lounge in New York City. At a simple glance upon