Gamestop Pushing Refurbished PS3 with Bonus

Nothing like a little incentive to fork out the bucks for that console you've been dreaming of. And when that console is the uber popular PS3, then a little incentive is good. For a limited time, if


God of War III Art Book Details

Even though Game of the Year contender God of War III was released several months ago, Ballistic Publishing has just announced The Art of God of War III. While it may be a bit late to the


God of War Trilogy Announced for Europe

If you aren't aware by now, Europeans tend to get a lot of the "cooler" collector's/boxsets editions compared to what us North Americans are used to. What are they getting this time around that might just ensue


Why Linear Games Are Better

While there is certainly room in the world for both open world "sandbox" games as well as games of the linear "point a to point b" type, we often find ourselves comparing these two. This is especially


New Release Rundown Week of 3/14

Hello readers, I am back this week to do the new release rundown. This week you can take it out on the gods with the epic finale to the God of War trilogy in God of War


God of War III GameStop Midnight Launch

Sony Computer Entertainment America's Santa Monica Studio want their fans to celebrate the launch of the final chapter in the God of War Trilogy. With God of War III releasing in mere hours, those who can should


PS3: It Only Does War – TV Spot

So, there's this game coming out on Tuesday, it stars this guy Kratos. Apparantly this Kratos guy is after revenge or something or other. Ok, let me stop the nonsense, you already know what's about happen. If