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Chaos Rings Omega Comes to Android Soon


Chaos Rings Omega--which released last year on iOS--has finally come to Android.

The Chaos Rings series revolves a unique premise: a being known as the Qualia may destroy the timestream if not for the Ark Arena,


Preview: SHADOWGUN: DeadZone Beta

People mocked me when I said that I would trade in my PlayStation Vita for a Nexus 7 a couple of months back. Then along comes a title like SHADOWGUN: Deadzone and I'm quickly reminded why I


New Game Announced: Shoot the ZomBirds

Somewhere in Poland, Infinite Dreams released information on a new mobile game with an even crazier theme than Shoot the Birds. Shoot the ZomBirds was announced today to delight both iDreams and zombie fans everywhere. Unfortunately, there