Eternal Blade Gets a Webcomic

gPotato has announced that their upcoming MMORPG, Eternal Blade, will be getting a webcomic. There will be new chapters each week that will lead up to the game's launch this year.


New from gPotato: Eternal Blade

The newest upcoming MMORPG from gPotato and Gala Lab, people who brought you Fly for Fun and Rappelz, will be out this year. The colorful anime-style art nevertheless is full of action-packed gameplay with plenty of powerful


Aika Ashes of Betrayal Video Releases

The Massively Multi-player Online game Aika is expanding. In the latest video from Gala-Net showing the title off gamers are given a glimpse into the first ever content pack to be released this month. Enjoy the trailer


Visiting the World of Allods Online

When I think of “free to play” MMOs, almost immediately my mind thinks of feature-light Eastern-style games that have a niche following but are just generally a cookie-cutter of a similar unremarkable title that has come before.