Green Day


Review: Green Day: Rock Band

It seems like there is no stop to the inertia that Rock Band has created and they are not afraid to go in different and very specific directions to push units. The most recent entry into the


47 Song Tracklist for Green Day: Rock Band

Rock fans are getting another dose of one of the most successful bands today. Green Day, along with Harmonix, MTV Games, and Reprise / Warner Bros. Records have announced the entire list of 47 on-disc tracks that


Green Day: Rock Band’s Set List

Although Entertainment Weekly was given first dibs on the track list for Green Day: Rock Band, we now have it as well! Most of the tracks are not surprises in the least, but now you have a


Green Day: Rock Band Gets a Release Date

Fans of Punk Rock you can officially start celebrating. Green Day: Rock Band (for better or for worse) officially has a release date now. Get ready because on June 8th you'll get your trip down memory lane


Rock Band Bringing Tracks From 3 Bands

Harmonix and MTV Games has announced that the bands Green Day, 30 Seconds to Mars, and All-American Rejects will be bringing tracks next week to the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. Being released at the same time