Gust Corporation


Gust Announces a New Atelier Game

The next installment in Gust's popular Atelier JRPG series has been announced. Tentatively titled "Project A15", the game was very briefly revealed at Japan's Dengeki Game Festival this past weekend. Very little was shown of the game,


New Atelier Meruru Plus Details Emerge

The latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Dengeki PlayStation houses a few new details about the upcoming Japanese PlayStation Vita port Atelier Meruru Plus. Atelier Meruru Plus will contain various balance tweaks and adjustments compared to the


More Screens and Art for Atelier Ayesha Released

New screenshots and art have been posted for the upcoming Atelier Ayesha game. Three characters are introduced in this release: the sword-bearing Linca, the pink-haired Marietta, and the ever-so-manly Fred Rodfork. As always, Atelier Ayesha continues to