Over 1,600 Cheaters Banned in Modern Warfare 3

Cheaters never prosper for very long, except for the ones that don't get caught and prosper BEAUTIFULLY. For 1,600 people cheating and abusing others in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that dream is over, as Infinity


Sony: 90% of PSN Users Are Back

Today at the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa in Tokyo Sony held it's annual shareholders meeting. During the meeting Sony's CEO Howard Stringer addressed the consequences of the hacker attack that forced the corporation to close the PSN


Sony Threatened by hackers Again

Following the news that a hacker going by the nickname graf_chocolo might be jailed after a legal battle against Sony due to his activities in reverse engineering the PS3 and restoring Linux support on the console, an


Hackers Target SEGA As Latest Victim

In the latest of many attack on games company, SEGA hast just sent out a notice to SEGA Pass members today. The message states sthat the company is the latest victim of an ever-increasing list of video


Bethesda’s Network Hacked

Today Bethesda announced on the official blog that a hacking attempt has been conducted on their sites and forums. While credit card and financial information seems not to be part of the stolen data, the hackers may