Happy 25th Anniversary to the Nintendo Gameboy

25 years ago Nintendo released its first handheld, the Gameboy, to the world and things have never been the same since. The little wonder is the bedrock upon which handhelds like today's 3DS and PlayStation Vita stand


Project Shield Plays Borderlands 2

Nvidia has released a new video demoing the capabilities of Project Shield in regards to playing games off of a PC. The game used to show off what this handheld system is capable of was Borderlands 2.


E3 2012 Preview: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Music and video games have always gone hand-in-hand. The new 3DS title, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, lets the player listen to classic in-game melodies while engaging in a fast-paced puzzle game that combines the elements of other rhythm-based


Launch Trailer Published for iOS game, Inferno+

The official launch trailer for the new colorfully explosive shooter Inferno+ has been published today. The iOS title is a twin-stick action game choked full with enough sparkles and fireworks to rival the Fourth of July.


Frenzy Pop! gets a New Trailer

The world’s vending machines have been sabotaged by the dastardly Captain Cork and it’s up to Mr. Pop to save the world’s soda supply. While it sounds like an opening to a sugar-induced cartoon series, this is


PSP2 at E3? I Don’t Think So…

Repeat after me - this is not real.

I am a PSP owner and it is my honest opinion that it is the greatest handheld gaming device ever created. Sure its not shifted as many units as