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Less HD Remakes For A While, Capcom Says

Have you enjoyed Capcom's digital re-releases? According to Capcom, perhaps not enough.

Capcom's Christian Svensson has addressed some dissension on the official Capcom forums, explaining why some games have yet to re-release to the PSN and XBLA,


The Seven Deadly Sins of Gaming

Game developers play with your heart. They inspire greed and envy. They toy with your emotions and every holiday season gamers find themselves at the mercy of dozens (or in the case of this year, tons) of


Shenmue 3 a Possibility

The Shenmue series practically defined the cult hit. Not many people have played it, few have even heard of it, and even less went out and bought it. But to fans of the series, few games can


God of War 1 & 2 Coming to PSN

So the HD re-release of the first and second entries into the immensely popular God of War series fared well. Updating the game with HD resolution and trophy support seemed like all the incentive fans needed to


HD Remakes for the Xbox 360?

One new gaming trend which I’m sure will become a booming success do to its great profitability is HD remakes. Starting with the God of War Collection more and more of these are starting to pop up: