NHL 21 Reveal Coming Monday

We'll get our first look at the game and likely its cover star in a couple days, right on time for the start of the Stanley Cup Playoff's second round.


Hockey Returns to PlayStation 3

Hockey fans have another reason to rejoice with the announcement of the NHL GameCenter app that brings live streaming of out-of-market hockey games in HD. The new app can be downloaded for free with full access provided


Review: NHL 12

It's another year and that means another videogame iteration for every major sport -- especially the wave of titles that hit around this time of the year. NHL 12 has hit store shelves and it has brought


Preview: Mario Sports Mix Impressions

If you don't know already, Mario Sports Mix is a soon to be released title that compiles a handful of sports and your favorite Mario characters. It was developed by Square Enix, and, interestingly enough, it's the


Mario Sports Mix Pushes the Envelope

Mario is quite the talented tradesman. He's been a doctor, a soccer player, a baseball player, a go-kart racer, and an evil dictator among other things. (Pretty sure I made one of those up...) Well, a


EA Releases New Clip of NHL 11

Whether you love slamming your opponents against walls or rubbing your superior skill level in their face, NHL 11 has something for you. Today a clip was released that showed how the Real-Time Physics apply to game