Killzone 3 is Going Home

Sony kind of likes the Killzone franchise, and why wouldn't they? Regardless of what you may think about the game, it's without a doubt the PlayStation's "Halo" for all intents and purposes. So to help promote the


Konami Joins PlayStation Home

Konami has announced today that it has arrived with virtual items available for purchase in PlayStation Home. Konami is making its debut with two of its very recognizable franchises in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Contra.


Why We Need PlayStation Eye 2.0

PlayStation Eye has never been a particularly exciting investment for gamers. I, for one, enjoy the device a lot as it has the 4 microphone array which provides me with a higher quality way to talk to


Games4M Show: PlayStation HOME Sucks

The land of the loading screens, sexual harassment, and waiting in line to play games is under fire this time in the Games4M Show titled PlayStation HOME Sucks. In this video you will not only be reminded


PlayStation Home Update 1.35

Since PlayStation Home was announced it has been questionable what exactly the online virtual society would turn out being used for. With a launch filled with perverted interactions and largely empty virtual space, many people thought Home