Review: Homefront

In today's gaming world it's pretty hard to break out with a new IP in general, let alone trying to bring out a new first person shooter and have it stand on it's own two feet against


Homefront Sales Clear One Million Units

The new IP FPS Homefront is making quite the name for itself. Following reports earlier this month that the game had sold some 375,000 copies on the day it launched, publisher THQ has revealed that the game


Homefront Breaks into Top 10 on XBox Live

Homefront is something of a strange Cinderella story. Many people I know were very excited about it, but were very cautiously so. A common phrase I heard was "I hope this doesn't suck", as it had all


Homefront Servers Getting an Upgrade Tonight

It looks like THQ didn't quite anticipate the popularity of Homefront, and folks playing online have been experiencing some issues with overloaded servers. But fear not, because THQ has taken notice, and are springing into action tonight


New Release Rundown ~ Week of 3.13.2011

Things are ramping up and we have some pretty sizable releases this week, including THQ's hotly anticipated shooter Homefront. For RPG fans, a favorite of mine hits shelves this week, NIS America's Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of


Homefront 2 Confirmed and Detailed?

Homefront developer, Kaos Studios, recently enlightened CVG to potential sequel information. Kaos GM, David Votpka, said that the next game’s campaign will be longer than the five-hour Homefront story and will have more balance. There wasn’t much


Homefront Multiplayer=No Campers?

Kaos Studios, the developer behind Homefront, has recently let CVG become aware of some online action. The most interesting is the fact/opinion spoken from Homefront Multiplayer Level Designer, Erin Daly. “Camping is actually pretty difficult to do,


Homefront Multiplayer Carnage Trailer

Alongside the news earlier this morning that Homefront had gone Gold, a new trailer has also been released showcasing the multiplayer side of the game. Featuring lots of explosions and people getting shot, the multiplayer "Carnage" trailer


Homefront is Now Gold

The ambitious "ten years in the future" shooter Homefront has gone gold and entered into production, just in time to hit it's March 15th release date which is just around the corner! In anticipation, THQ and Kaos


360 Version of Homefront to Receive Exclusive DLC

As I'm currently headed to Manhattan to play some Homefront at the THQ Gamer's Week, apparently this morning Major Nelson has revealed some rather interesting info about Homefront and it's DLC. In a move similar to what