What is Geddan

I came across this the other day and thought it was a rather interesting video discussing the origin of Geddan. Geddan, which translates to "Get Down", is a mix between video game nostalgia, dance style, art and


Play Your ROMs in Style

Who does not like to replay their classic NES games? If you answered 'not interested' please take your keyboard and proceed to beat yourself with it. Now onto the glory that is an NES cartridge that doubles


Pac Man Plush Head + Dog = Cute

Have you ever seen a dog wearing a Pac Man plush head? NO!?

You may be thinking who would do such a thing? Well this Editor would and take pictures of course.


Can A Game Be Too Pretty?

Delve with me into an age old question: can a video game be too pretty? I am sure many of you will fly off the handle and simply reply "of course not!". Understandably so seeing as


MMA Fighter vs. EA Dev

Never thought you may see that title ever in your life time did you? Since EA is making their own version of an MMA title they may have asked for this. MMA is explosive and full of


Guitar Hero: The Beatles Sneak Preview

After playing a weekend of Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero Smash Hits and The Beatles: Rock Band my singing voice (if you can call it that) needs a major break. I also need to get the reviews


Halo 3: ODST Red vs. Blue

Red vs. Blue has been bringing us Halo inspired video funnies for quite some time now and with the eminent launch of Halo 3: ODST it was only a matter of time to expect them to take


BlizzCon 09 Male Tauren Dance

I know I already brought you the different dances from Blizzcon 09, but this particular contestant just made me laugh so damn hard he got his own post. I am not quite sure what it is about


BlizzCon 09 Costume Contest Finals

Here is the video of the BlizzCon 09 costume contest finalists. This costume contest happens every year and every year I am more amazed with the effort people put into their costumes. These are pretty incredible, I


How to Hook Up the NES

This is a classic video for anyone who grew up with an old NES console. I remember quite vividly the technique and skill it would take just to start a game. Certain cartridges you needed to blow