PAX East 2010: Crackdown 2 Impressions

I clearly remember a couple of years back when the first Crackdown was introduced to the Xbox 360. I was awed with the cell-shaded appearance that penetrated through the display and, most importantly, the style of gameplay


God of War III E3 Demo Impressions

One word to describe it...


It's fantastic.

Gameplay, is as always in a GoW game, amazing action. From running the Blades of Chaos into an harpy then ripping it in half as you jump to the


Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Impressions

The lights go out, and all you can hear is the breathing of the three other individuals in the room with you. There is a chill of fear that runs through your body, as you start to


Tony Hawk Ride Impressions

Tony Hawk Ride is the next iteration of skateboarding brought to your living room with a very cool controller, but how will it translate to the average gamer? i had a chance to watch some people play