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The Cave is Coming to iOS in October

Ron Gilbert, the man behind games like Maniac Mansion and Tales of Monkey Island teamed up with Double Fine Productions and brought us The Cave, a puzzle platform adventure that saw a release onto PlayStation 3, Steam,


Review: Jetpack Joyride

A few days ago I got to take a look at Jetpack Joyride at PAX and I have to admit that though my time with the game then was short, it instantly made me want to check


Review: Monsterz Revenge!

In Monsterz Revenge, you will need to manage your own personal fast food restaurant in a graveyard your employees are the undead and create monsters to be your staff as they make food, entice humans to eat 


Review: Bunny the Zombie Slayer

I know Easter's over, but in Bunny the Zombie Slayer you'll be able to relive Easter over everyday (if you wanted). Watch out though because Easter could be over faster than you think [cues the dramatic symphony