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Marvel: Avengers Alliance Coming to Facebook

Disney is bringing a hot new Marvel themed "unique combat role playing experience" to Facebook which will be live sometime in Q1 this year. The game's story features something called "The Pulse" which is bringing all of


Review: Marvel Pinball

Marvel Pinball is exactly what you would expect from reading the title alone; it's Marvel themed, Pinball fun. You get four different tables, and each table offers something from each of the superheroes it features. Wolverine, Spider-Man,


Marvel Pinball Release Date and Trailer

Details have finally surfaced about the Marvel Pinball expansion for Pinball FX2. With boards featuring Marvel characters Iron Man, Blade, Spider-Man and Wolverine, Marvel Pinball will be available December 8th for XBLA and December 12th for PSN.


Marvel Pinball is Coming Soon to XBLA and PSN

ZEN Studios and Marvel Entertainment are teaming together to bring the greatest comic book characters of all time to PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade with Marvel Pinball. Help Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Blade save the