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Review: Homefront

In today's gaming world it's pretty hard to break out with a new IP in general, let alone trying to bring out a new first person shooter and have it stand on it's own two feet against


Homefront Servers Getting an Upgrade Tonight

It looks like THQ didn't quite anticipate the popularity of Homefront, and folks playing online have been experiencing some issues with overloaded servers. But fear not, because THQ has taken notice, and are springing into action tonight


Homefront 2 Confirmed and Detailed?

Homefront developer, Kaos Studios, recently enlightened CVG to potential sequel information. Kaos GM, David Votpka, said that the next game’s campaign will be longer than the five-hour Homefront story and will have more balance. There wasn’t much


Homefront Opening Cinematic

A youtube user by the name of RajmanHDGaming has recently got his hands on the official opening cinematic of Kaos Studios' Homefront. There are minimal spoilers in the video but you've read about all the events displayed


Homefront Multiplayer=No Campers?

Kaos Studios, the developer behind Homefront, has recently let CVG become aware of some online action. The most interesting is the fact/opinion spoken from Homefront Multiplayer Level Designer, Erin Daly. “Camping is actually pretty difficult to do,


Trailer – HOMEFRONT Multiplayer

It's 2027 and the war has come home. In 2011, THQ and Kaos Studios brings the war to America herself in the game HOMEFRONT. Check out the newest game-play trailer made entirely from multi-player game-play footage. HOMEFRONT