Review: Razer Anansi Keyboard

I never have been one for gaming-specific keyboards and mice. I’m usually of the mind that if you can’t get something accomplished with the keys you have available on regular keyboards, you have no business making things


New Razer BlackWidow Steath Edition Goes All Ninja

Stealthy like a ninja is how Razer USA President Robert Krakoff describes their new mechanical gaming keyboard. The Razer BlackWidow Stealth Edition comes in both a Standard and Ultimate varieties, with different features on each. These are


Atelier Keyboards Now Up For Pre-Order

From Surfer's Paradise (weird name for a keyboard maker) come these new Atelier keyboards, featuring characters from Totori, Rorona, and Meruru. Unfortunately, between the strange translation and my lack of experience with the Atelier franchise, I'm not


Rock Band 3 Demo Ready to Play

A demo is available today for the latest rock star simulator, Rock Band 3. The demo is available for the PSN and Xbox Live Gold accounts today, with "Free" (silver) Xbox 360 accounts getting access to it