Review: Killzone 3

There comes a time in a gamer's life when they question what the next purchase for their gaming collection should be... As a fan of first-person shooters and one who mainly plays these types of games,


Killzone 3 Patch 1.04 Brings More Problems

KZ3 multiplayer 1.04 patch was suppose to bring hit detection, server errors, and lag to an abrupt end. Sadly, it seems it has done little to progress on those problems. Many people over at the official


Killzone 3 1.04 Patch Detailed

Are my fellow PS3 loving, Killzone 3 playing gamers having some difficulties with the multiplayer? Do you experience random network errors, parties being disbanded for no reason, and certain hit detection issues? Well Guerrilla Games hears you


Killzone 3 Online Statistics

Killzone 3 has seen quite a lot of multiplayer love within 6 days of its release according to It hasn’t beaten games like Black Ops’ statistics by any means, but it’s still pretty impressive. At


Next Killzone 3 Patch Detailed

Guerrilla Games is looking to fix a couple technical and gameplay issues with the next KZ3 patch. Below you can see their statements on what will 100% be in the next update. No word was giving on


New Release Rundown ~ Week of 2.20.2011

It's raining bullets this week as two of the most anticipated titles of the Spring hit store shelves - Bulletstorm and Killzone 3. But, there's also some other great games coming out this week, including deBlob 2,


Killzone 3 is Not the End

KZ3 Senior Producer, Steven ter Heide, recently told Eurgamer TV “Killzone’s not going to go away anytime soon”. Of course, many may know this already as Sony Cambridge is working on a Killzone title for the NGP.


Killzone 3 is Going Home

Sony kind of likes the Killzone franchise, and why wouldn't they? Regardless of what you may think about the game, it's without a doubt the PlayStation's "Halo" for all intents and purposes. So to help promote the


Let’s Go Streaking in Killzone 3

A brand new Killzone 3 trailer has been released that focuses on killstreaks. This guy just can't seem to die! The best part is at the two minute and forty-nine second mark... yeah, I can't wait to


Killzone 3 Invades PlayStation Home

Mark you calendars! On January 27th, it looks like the Helghast will be invading the Central Plaza in PlayStation Home. Once you get inside, you'll be able to participate in a series of games across three different