Microsoft Claws Into Android Games With Snuggly Cubs

Microsoft has just joined the lucrative business that is Android gaming. The corporate giant released its first Android title today: Kinectimals, a soft and cuddly addition for your cell-phone gaming experience. Kinectimals takes place on the lush


Kinectimals With Bears Demo Available Now

If there's one thing the gaming world definitely needs more of, it's bears. Thankfully the makers of Kinectimals saw this problem with their game and released the expansion, Kinectimals Now With Bears which added the cutest baby


Bears are Coming to Kinectimals. Bears.

The Kinect now officially has something that interests me, as Kinectimals will be receiving an update that adds a new island and five furry tractors for you to be friends with. What bears will there be you


Who’s Buying Kinect?

Microsoft is bracing its new Kinect peripheral to be not only the biggest motion control peripheral, but the biggest gaming hardware period this holiday season. It has poured half a billion dollars into making us want to


New Virtual Pet Game Revealed for Kinect

Fantastic Pets, a title from THQ, will be joining Kinectimals in the ranks of virtual pet games for the upcoming Kinect peripheral for the Xbox 360. This game however will go far beyond endangered animals. Players will


What Will Microsoft Do If Kinect Fails?

Our video guru in the U.K., Rob, has some strong feelings about Microsoft's Kinect, and he enjoys expressing them in...interesting ways. You know, playing dress-up and such. Why is Microsoft touting the specifications of


GameStop Lists Kinect for $149.99

It's only been a few hours since the Microsoft conference ended, and GameStop, bless their hearts, is listing the price of Kinect at $149.99. This is not an official price, of course, since Microsoft is still


E3 2010: Kinectimals Announced

A creepy little girl stood on stage at the Microsoft E3 event to show off Kinect's new title Kinectnimals - a game that allows you, or more your child, to interact with a carnivorous predator in the