Techmo Koei Publishes Ninja Gaiden 3 Launch Trailer

Everyone’s favorite sword slashing assassin is back in Team Ninja’s upcoming game, Ninja Gaiden 3. The official and gruesome trailer shows Hayabusa slicing down enemies with his cursed Dragon Sword. With a mutated arm and a blood


Review: Dynasty Warriors NEXT

There's something very special about the Dynasty Warriors series in that you never need to describe the core game to anybody, and at its heart the series has remained unchanged since the beginning. However each series has


Dynasty Warriors 7 Update Gets Screened

Following a long running tradition, instead of DLC, Dynasty Warriors 7 will get a re-release called Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends. This rehash will contain new characters and game modes, and was very likely already completely planned


Dynasty Warriors Online is Now in Open Beta

Are you a fan of inaccurate Chinese history?  How about horrible voice acting, hundreds of useless enemies everywhere, and old-school hack n slash action?  If so, you're in for a treat, as the online, MMO


Quantum Theory No Longer PS3 Exclusive

Sony fanboys, this is your time to let out one big collective sigh. Quantum Theory, from Tecmo Koei, a title that was being touted as a PS3 Gears of War killer, is now multiplatform. It has been