Launch Trailer


DmC Launch Trailer Released

DmC launches today on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, so it's no surprise to see Capcom release a launch trailer for the game. Dante's makeover birthed a torrent of vitriol back when DmC was first revealed but


Ubisoft Releases ZombiU Launch Trailer

ZombiU has already infected North America and will reach Europe on November 30th. Ubisoft has shared one final pre-release trailer to promote the game, featuring both gameplay and some creepy live-action footage.


Halo 4 ‘Scanned’ Launch Trailer Released

Halo 4 is only weeks away and Microsoft has now released its big-budget launch trailer, directed by Tim MillerĀ (Visual Effects Lead, Scott Pilgrim vs The World) and produced by David Fincher (Director, Fight Club). Check it