Launch Trailer


Shinobi 3DS Gets A Launch Trailer

If you have a 3DS and are looking for an old school, side-scrolling action adventure game, particularly one from an old franchise featuring ninjas, then you are in luck this week as Shinobi 3DS joins the massive


Section 8 Prejudice Launch Trailer, Looks Fun

In a somewhat unusual move, TimeGate Studios have decided to release the sequel to 2009's fairly successful Section 8 as a digital-download only title. An interesting move to be sure, but the title will be launching on


Bioshock 2 Official Launch Trailer

After airing for the 1st time ever on the Jimmy Fallon show on 2/2, the official Bioshock 2 launch trailer  immediately landed on the internets for the world to enjoy. The video clocks in at 3:25,