Persona 4 Live-Action Announced

It seems like Atlus has discovered its best chance for its own Final Fantasy VII-type multimedia franchise rests with Persona 4. The anime is currently airing, the manga series is out for reading, and there is a


E3 2011: Mass Effect Live Action Trailer

Mass Effect 3 is one title that everybody has already been waiting for and we pretty much knew the gist of what would be going on; the Reapers are attacking and it's up to Shepard to stop


Should PS+ Include SOE MMO Access on PS3?

When PSN+ was announced at E3 2010, no one was really shocked by any of the details given, early beta access, early beta invitations, possibly some cross-game chat, discounts, pretty expectable stuff. However, I was not disappointed 


Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Live Action Trailer

In a badass move, Ubisoft is continuing the trend of awesome live-action short films based on their games. First it was Assassin's Creed: Lineage, now it's a live-action trailer for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. It's pretty amazing,