Lord of the Rings Online


Solo Progression in MMOs – Why So Taboo?

When the idea of massively multiplayer online role playing games first came around, especially in the more aesthetically pleasing manner, the only players of said games were “hardcore” gamers. Of course, back then there really wasn’t a


LOTRO November Content Update Now Live

You can now go home again with the Lord of the Rings Online November update "Journey To Winter-Home". This content update that's live right now includes more free content allowing you to play the epic storyline in


Turbine Launches Siege of Mirkwood

Today Turbine launched the new digital expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online - Siege of Mirkwood.  There's quite a few new features, which I'll list in detail below.  Also, they released a launch


New LOTRO: Siege of Mirkwood Trailer

If you're fond of adventuring through the land of Middle Earth in Turbine's MMO Lord of the Rings Online, you can look forward to an expansion to the fun and excitement that comes with the pitter-patter of