Mad Catz To Unleash Hell Catz At E3

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc., the company that creates third party hardware and is probably best know for making the amazing Street Fighter IV six button fight pad and fight stick, has just announced plans to create


Review: Rock Band 3

When it comes to rhythm games Rock Band definitely takes the win, and now with the release of Rock Band 3 and Pro Keys and Pro Guitar, well let's just say that "win" may be an understatement.


New Release Rundown Week of 1/24

Hello all, I am here today with the New Release Rundown, after kind of sleeping all day Monday. This week is packed full of releases, and should be exciting regardless of what console you own. PS3 owner's


Super Street Fighter IV Accessories

Madcatz unveiled two new licensed controllers in their Street Fighter series. The all new Super Street Fighter™ IV Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition “S” and new character artwork for four newly licensed FightPads. The Fightstick Tournament S edition


Tatsunoku VS Capcom Fightstick Now Available

We've just received word from Mad Catz that their latest arcade fightstick is now available. It's the most recent controller tie-in for Capcom's upcoming Nintendo Wii 2D Brawler Tatsunoku VS. Capcom. If you can recall from last


360 Wireless-N Adapter Alternative

In response to Microsoft's release of a faster, and more efficient Wireless-N internet adapter, third-party specialist Mad Catz, has announced the shipping of their own Wireless-N Gaming Adapter. The hook? Cheaper, of course. For $79.99 (compared