Mass Effect 2


Win a Copy of Mass Effect 2 From DualShockers

In case you didn't know there's this small, relatively unknown title making waves recently.It's name is Mass Effect 2. Maybe you've heard of it. Being that we're always in the giving mood here at DualShockers, we


Review: Mass Effect 2

Bioware has once more seen fit to allow us to enter the awe-inspiring, dangerous, provocative universe of Mass Effect - and what a journey it is. From the sleek, clean lines of the previous game's Citadel, to


Bioware Launches Mass Effect 2

Commander Shepard makes a triumphant return. Bioware has released Mass Effect 2 today with much fanfare and just as much expectations. Gamers can choose between the Standard edition and the Collector's edition which is pictured to the


New Release Rundown Week of 1/24

Hello all, I am here today with the New Release Rundown, after kind of sleeping all day Monday. This week is packed full of releases, and should be exciting regardless of what console you own. PS3 owner's


Mass Effect 2 DLC = Free at Launch

It has been announced that Mass Effect 2 will have DLC on the same day the game is released. Want to know what's even better than that? It will be absolutely free. That's right, for one day


2010: The Year of Questions

As 2009 winds down and 2010 approaches, we at DualShockers are excited about the great gaming coming this year. Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, MAG, and countless others are preparing to launch. HALO REACH will certainly be


Super Voice Cast For Mass Effect 2

Just when you thought Batman: Arkham Asylum had a great voice cast, it just gets better and better in the gaming world. Recently a list has been released for the voice cast of Mass Effect 2, and


Bioware Community = Huge

So it's not really a big surprise that the 50 hour plus epic Dragon Age Origins is a hit. How big is it exactly? Apparently big enough to have it's official site bring in more traffic than


New Mass Effect 2 Screenshots

Ok, before you check out this screenshots I need you to take some really deep breaths, because you might not be able to once you see these screens. Now we all knew that following the success (both