Michael Jordan


NBA 2K12 Cover Athlete(s) revealed

After last year's release of NBA 2K11 and its cover athlete, Michael Jordan, I thought that it would only go downhill from here (no offense to any other player in NBA history). However, 2K announced that not


NBA 2K11 Will Rock 3D on PS3

Do you already own a 3D TV and a Playstation 3? Well, 2K Sports wants to help you enjoy that even more by announcing today that beginning November 16th, NBA 2K11 will be available in a 3D


Review: NBA 2K11

By title alone, NBA 2K11 is seems like it's just going to be another notch in the long-lasting basketball series published by 2K Sports. However, the title is where that notion stops. I’m not one to give


NBA 2K11 Developer Call Recap

On September 27, 2010, the folks over at 2K Games held a developer call from 5pm - 6pm EST. Erick Boenisch, Producer of NBA 2K11 and Rob Jones, Gameplay Director of NBA 2k11 were at hand to


Demo Impressions: NBA 2K11

A number of reasons may make these impressions absolutely invalid. Unlike last year's demo, the NBA 2K11 demo has no two-player. Additionally, the demo also has no Jordan. Those are two things that people should be looking


NBA 2K11 Iguodala Day Trailer

Playing as Michael Jordan can make any budding NBA star feel like the King of the Court in NBA 2K11. Check out what Iguodala Day and friends think of playing as Air Jordan. Oh yeah, it's that


NBA 2K11 Cover Art Revealed

With all this NBA hoopla and free agency talk, the revealing of the NBA 2K11 cover art may trump them all. That is because the cover features "THE GREATEST OF ALL-TIME." Prepare yourself to feast your


Michael Jordan to Grace the Cover of NBA 2K11

2K Sports, developer of the top rated and top selling basketball simulation video game has announced that 14-time NBA All-Star, five-time NBA Most Valuable Player, six-time NBA World Champion and recent Hall of Fame inductee, Michael Jordan,


Jordan + NBA 2K11 Cover = WOW!

ESPN.com is reporting that His Airness himself – Michael Jordan – will be appearing on the cover of NBA 2K11 this fall. His total involvement in the project however is – up in the air (sorry


Michael Jordan In NBA 2K10

Yes you read that title right. You probably haven't seen Michael Jordan in a video game since back in the NES days of Jordan vs. Bird but someone has taken it upon themselves to re-cretae the great