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Review: The Last Story

A role playing game developed by a famed studio with big names and published by Nintendo comes out in Japan. The same game then gets picked up to be published by Nintendo in Europe. Finally, as though


The Last Story Gets an Ad and a New PV

Today Nintendo released a couple videos for their upcoming Mistwalker Studios title The Last Story, which hits Wiis in Japan on January 27th. The first one is a very quick commercial spot which, frankly, doesn't show much


The Last Story Gets New Game Play Video

There was a little event held for The Last Story in Japan yesterday, and after it was over, Nintendo and Mistwalker released a new video featuring heavy amounts of the game's battle system in action. What is


Co-op is Confirmed for The Last Story

You heard that right. Mistwalker's upcoming Wii-exclusive RPG The Last Story has been confirmed to have some co-op modes. That came out of left field, didn't it? If they were holding that surprise this long, I wonder


Along Comes a New Trailer for The Last Story

Mistalker's latest project, the Wii-exclusive RPG The Last Story, is slated to hit store shelves in Japan on January 27, 2011, and to that end, they've released a new trailer for the game today. The trailer looks


New Screens from The Last Story

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced a Japanese release date of January 27, 2011 for Mistwalker's new RPG The Last Story, which will be available exclusively for the Wii. Many people expected it this holiday season - before