Halo Reach Debuts at MLG DC Oct 15-17

MLG DC anticipates being a huge event, and with Halo Reach making it's MLG debut, it is sure to be so. October 15-17, will stream not only the Halo Reach action action going on, but


MLG/Doritos Combine Final Day Wrap-Up

The final day at the 1st Annual MLG/Doritos Combine came to an exciting end today. And the FFA and 4v4 winners are not the only gamers that will be heading to Orlando in 3 weeks for the


MLG/Doritos Combine Day 2

Day 2 of the MLG/Doritos Combine was full of gamers realizing their dreams were getting that much closer to not happening. Frantic game play for most gamers did occur. However, there were many teams in 4v4 that