New Final Fantasy XIV Media

PlayStation 3 and PC owners will be happy to hear that there are some new Final Fantasy XIV media for us to show you. Released today, these images - if it's in game that is - will


Consoles: A Better Market For PC Devs

PC gaming, at one point in time, pioneered the industry in just about every genre known to the world of gaming. Its threshold was once untouched as its graphical dominance trampled the very grounds that was once


WoW Back Online in China

For those of you interested in such occurrences as Blizzard regaining half of the worldwide players of its massive juggernaut of an MMO, it appears that WoW has once again gone live in China.  The game


Race Changes Coming to World of Warcraft

You're probably asking yourself how many posts we can have relating to World of Warcraft in a 24-hour period, right?  You can never have enough WoW news!  Hot on the heels of the faction change


DC Universe Green Latern Screenshots

2010 is quicky approaching and with it comes one of the most ambitious games on the horizon. That game, is PS3 (console) exclusive DC Universe online. As more time passes more information continues to trickle out including