City of Steam Beta Code Giveaway

The wait is over! City of Steam is heading to closed-beta and we've got  beta keys to give away some lucky readers.  What is City of Steam, you ask? City of Steam is a  


Guild Wars 2 Experiences Late Night Woes

For as fond as I am of Guild Wars 2, the game has unfortunately been riddled with bugs and the occasional server-wide mixup since its release earlier this summer. The most recent hiccup occurred last night, when


New Soul Unveiled for RIFT: Storm Legion

RIFT's upcoming expansion, Storm Legion, has a wealth of goodies available for its fans. One of those goodies is a new soul, which was just recently revealed online. If you're not familiar with RIFT, the MMO has


City of Heroes Retires, As Do the Villains

Unfortunate news, everyone: City of Heroes (and, by extension, City of Villains) is finally coming to a close. The game has had a decent run, but its undeniable decline over the past few years has led to


E3 2012: Hands On: World of Warplanes

E3 2012 had some pretty large booths set up for some amazing games. One of the biggest areas was occupied by, the creative minds being the free-to-play MMOG World of Tanks. The title launched around