Mortal Kombat


Details of Mortal Kombat DLC Revealed

In an interview with G4, Mortal Kombat executive revealed that plans for the first Mortal Kombat DLC will be released "certainly within the next month," and may be available in "the next few weeks."


Mortal Kombat Tops NPD U.S. Sales

Yup, the classic fighting game reboot even overcame Portal 2 for the number one spot on NPD’s sales list for April. That also means the nostalgic Pokemon Black/White was unseated as king and even pushed back down


Review: Mortal Kombat

It makes me feel old to say this, but Mortal Kombat has been around for almost two decades now, and it is easily one of the most recognizable and iconic videogame franchises of all time. Introduced in


Microsoft LOLs at PSN Failure

PlayStation 3 gamers have no doubt noticed the error plaguing the PlayStation Network over the last few days. I know I have, because today marks the third day I haven't been able to play Arcana Hearts 3


New Release Rundown ~ Week of 4.17.2011

The "big three" were released this wee - SOCOM 4, Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat. Did you pick up one of those, or are you playing something more obscure, like Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, Arcana


Mortal Kombat Fans Showing Great Love for Scorpion

If someone came up to me at random and asked me to name any one Mortal Kombat character, my reply would absolutely be Scorpion. Besides, that “doppelganger” Subzero is a push over since Scorpion essentially defeated him


Mortal Kombat…Everything…Leaked

If you read this article's title and immediately blamed on! They were able to “extract a file that includes EVERY single thing" about Mortal Kombat from the demo released to PS Plus members on Tuesday.