Preview: Carnival Island Hands-On

Coming out for PS3 with PlayStation Move controls on October 18th is the budget priced title, Carnival Island. There's not much to say about Carnival Island other than it's a family friendly game that consists of mini-games


Who’s Buying Kinect?

Microsoft is bracing its new Kinect peripheral to be not only the biggest motion control peripheral, but the biggest gaming hardware period this holiday season. It has poured half a billion dollars into making us want to


New Virtual Pet Game Revealed for Kinect

Fantastic Pets, a title from THQ, will be joining Kinectimals in the ranks of virtual pet games for the upcoming Kinect peripheral for the Xbox 360. This game however will go far beyond endangered animals. Players will


PAIN + Crazy Taxi = Kung Fu Rider

When I first saw Kung Fu Rider at the Sony Beta Rooms event then the first thing that hit me was how much the visual style reminded me of Pain. The premise of the game is pretty