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Nine Inch Nails Hits Rock Band 3


Harmonix announced that a four-pack of songs from Nine Inch Nails' album, "Pretty Hate Machine (2010 Remaster)" will be arriving to the Rock Band 3 music library on March 1st. All that I have to say


MTV Games Shut Down

Sad news, as MCV reports that MTV Games has shut its doors this week. The International office was closed on Wednesday, and only a few employees remain in the New York offices to collect their things. With


New DLC Comes to Dance Central

New songs are heading its way over to Dance Central for download on Xbox LIVE, exclusively for the Kinect on the Xbox 360. Get ready for new choreographed routines to dance to as on December 21st, Blur's


Review: Rock Band 3

When it comes to rhythm games Rock Band definitely takes the win, and now with the release of Rock Band 3 and Pro Keys and Pro Guitar, well let's just say that "win" may be an understatement.


Get Your Groove on with Dance Central

From the creators who brought you the Rock Band franchise, Harmonix Games and MTV Games have released Dance Central for Xbox 360's Kinect. Use your body to perform the given dance moves represented on screen, with over


Dance Central In Stores, DLC Ready to Grab

The first full body controller free dance game is available for you today in the form of Dance Central by Harmonix and MTV Games, exclusively for Kinect. MTV Games and Microsoft held a launch party for the


Rhythm Gamers, Get Ready to Go Pro

Introducing Pro Mode, keyboards and access to over 2,000 songs... Rock Band 3 is now available in a retail store near you in North America and worldwide this Friday on Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


John Lennon Coming to Rock Band 3

To add to the superstar list of artists who will be featured as DLC in Rock Band 3, John Lennon is ready to set those plastic guitars on fire. If your wondering which of John Lennon's albums