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E3 2012 Preview: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Music and video games have always gone hand-in-hand. The new 3DS title, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, lets the player listen to classic in-game melodies while engaging in a fast-paced puzzle game that combines the elements of other rhythm-based


Review: Rhythm Heaven Fever

If there’s one thing Nintendo does well with the Wii, it’s make players have fun while they make complete fools of themselves. The basis of the Rhythm Heaven franchise’s appeal doesn’t stray far from that credo, except


Guitar Hero is Finally Taking a Hike

Guitar Hero games got old pretty quick, but that didn't stop Activision from releasing more of them than they should have had the right to in absolutely no time at all. One thing led to another and


The Beatles: Rock Band and Desires Hotels

MTV Games and Desires Hotels, a unique collection of independent modern boutique hotels, are offering a sweet deal when you book a minimum two night stay at their hotels. You will receive a 10% discount and a


Green Day: Rock Band Gets a Release Date

Fans of Punk Rock you can officially start celebrating. Green Day: Rock Band (for better or for worse) officially has a release date now. Get ready because on June 8th you'll get your trip down memory lane


New Beaterator VMA Montage Video

Rockstar Games has just released a new video for their upcoming Beaterator on the PSP. The montage was filmed at the VMA's and includes many famous faces in the music biz.The game aims to be a