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Vindictus Episode 4 Coming this December

Nexon has just announced that in early December Vindictus players will be getting there hands on Episode 4 "King of the Gnolls."  This update will add two new dungeons, Prairie Entrance and the Ruins of Sanctity,


Vindictus Open Beta to Start Oct. 13

Nexon America will start the open beta for Vindictus on Oct. 13, allowing gamers in North America to participate in the game. Vindictus combines high-speed combat and uses a modified Source Engine. The Vindictus beta will feature


Mabinogi Celebrates Summer Festivities

Free-2-play Nexon MMO Mabinogi is offering players a variety of seasonal events to coincide with the arrival of  summer. These events include the Independence Day event, which began on July 1st and will run unto July