Latest Modern Warfare 3 Video Confuses Me

A new trailer was released over the extra long weekend (thanks weird holidays) for the upcoming Modern Warfare 3, the next in the yearly update to the popular first person shooter franchise. Featuring an updated roster from


Review: Madden NFL 12

We’re nearing the end of August which can only mean one thing to any self-respecting football and video game fan: the release of Madden NFL 12. With an impending player lockout looming,  the build up to


EA Sports and Madden 11 “Go Pink”

EA Sports prides itself on making the Madden series as realistic as possible. The NFL prides itself on making a difference in the lives of those that need help. Enter the Breast Cancer Awareness update coming to


Madden NFL 11 Dev Video Series Kicks Off

Many game publishers such as EA Sports have already begun raining down 2011 game information. Madden NFL 10 is still being enjoyed by a massive audience meanwhile Madden NFL 11 is already surfacing in the form of


More Madden 11 Screens Have Arrived

We're still in April, and while most sports fans are welcoming the start of the baseball season, EA Sports has other plans altogether. Madden 11, the upcoming title in the franchise is set to build on an