Ninja Gaiden 3


Review: Ninja Gaiden 3

Upon booting up Ninja Gaiden 3, my nerves began to race uncontrollably. I was nervous because I had heard so much about the game. Team Ninja had clearly outlined several things they would be removing/adding well before


Techmo Koei Publishes Ninja Gaiden 3 Launch Trailer

Everyone’s favorite sword slashing assassin is back in Team Ninja’s upcoming game, Ninja Gaiden 3. The official and gruesome trailer shows Hayabusa slicing down enemies with his cursed Dragon Sword. With a mutated arm and a blood


New Ninja Gaiden 3 Gameplay Video

Tecmo Koei posted a video showing a quick playthrough of Ninja Gaiden 3's London stage, giving action gamers a taste of the blood which they crave so very much. In the video, you can watch Ryu slice,