Nintendo DS


This Day in Gaming History: Nintendo DS

Welcome to the latest installment of This Day in Gaming History! In this segment, we take a nostalgic look back at some of our favorite (or not so favorite) gaming titles and say, Happy Birthday! We also


Review: Pokemon Black/White 2

It has been some time since Pokemon Black and White were released. Many gamers were expecting Nintendo to go the route of a third game that would be some color related to the original, ala gray. To


Scantily-Clad Code of Princess Trailer Released

Remember when Nintendo Gameboys were black-and-white and had zero capabilities for rendering three-dimensional objects? My, how times have changed. Code of Princess is an example of said technological developments, as is easy to see in the brand-new


Cooking Mama Combo Meal To Hit DS and Wii

Majesco Entertainment today announced that a Cooking Mama best seller combo pack will hit both the DS and Wii on August 14th. The DS will actually have two combo titles. Mama's combo pack 1 will include the