Zombii Attack Comes to WiiWare This Spring

Gamers Digital brings the WiiWare exclusive Zombii Attack to Nintendo Wii this Spring. Zombii Attack is an arcade survival game, so you can imagine what you'll be getting yourself into when you jump into the game upon


Wii Beats PS2 to 35 Million Mark

With the month of February seeing over 450,000 Wii units sold in the U.S., that brings the Wii total past the 35 million units sold mark and quicker than any other console. That title was


Frobot Takes You to Funky Town

Okay, wait a second? Rewind this real quick... What's this? A game about a smooth-talking, sexy-swinging "frobot" of cool katt, who is programmed to make love and not war, has to save his five girlfriends (I guess


Review: GoldenEye 007

What if I told you that one of the biggest games in the history of the FPS genre was actually based on a movie? Sounds ridiculous right? That’s exactly what happened 13 years ago when a studio


BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion is Out in Stores Now

Hudson Entertainmen's BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion - Battle Fortress is now available in stores on Nintendo Wii and BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion is available on Nintendo DS. You can purchse the BEYBLADE DS Collector's Edition while supplies last for


DECA Sports 3 is Out Now

I know, I'm doing a slew of news today regarding new releases. Well, can you blame me? It's Tuesday, new release day! And the Nintendo Wii is getting a new member of its family from the stork


Latest Trailer for Disney Epic Mickey

Disney Interactive Studios has released a behind the scenes look at the storytelling aspect of the highly anticipated game, Epic Mickey. Set for release on November 30th exclusively for the Wii, Epic Mickey follows Mickey Mouse on